Training Mechanism
Philosophy of Talent Cultivation
Talents are the most precious resources of Weilong Delicious and its key to build core competitiveness. We implement diversified training strategies according to the characteristics of talents at different levels. Through talent training and cultivation, the knowledge structure, skills and methods and work values of talents are increasingly improved. While constantly promoting personal value, it can also drive the company to move forward to achieve win-win situation between organization and individuals.
New Staff Induction Training
(1)New Staff Training. New staff will attend two-day off-job training after their induction to comprehensively understand corporate culture, organizational structure, rules and regulations. (2)Tutor system. Every new staff will be equipped with a senior staff as the tutor.
Professional Training Plan
The company adopts supporting professional training plans for staff of different departments and majors such as production, technology and marketing, so as to continuously improve their post competency and achieve development goals.
Leadership development
According to the different characteristics of managers at all levels, the company designs corresponding training programs, and carries out professional courses, basic management skills courses, leadership improvement courses and strategic leadership courses at different levels.
Reserve cadre training
By means of centralized training, mentoring and rotation learning, the trainees are trained in a comprehensive and systematic way to help them grow rapidly into key staff of the basic level and middle level of the company.
Training for Management Trainees
Based on selecting ways of the trainees such as interview, military training, expansion, intensive training and other selection methods, management trainees will be cultivated through job rotation and job reporting with senior managers’ instruction in person, so as to reserve middle and senior management talents for the company.